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Metal cutting tool.
Sanding power tool 6-8inch. (6 inch works better) 
Sand paper 80 grit & 220 grit to match power tool. 
3M body glue. https://www.amazon.com/3M-08115-Panel-Bonding-Adhesive/dp/B000PEW4MI
Fiber glass & resin. (automotive)
body filler. (automotive) 

Sanding block (used after 80 grit and 220 finished) - https://www.amazon.com/Dura-Block-AF4403-Black-Sanding-Block/dp/B0082LKD...
sandable primer.

Well, first of all thank you guys very much for even clicking here and reading this junk. For the materials, I went with Bondo brand, but really they all the same. 

1st step: gather your date / information.

2nd step: Cut your car. You can watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yP4bF1bbxhQ or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nvo49RfM76g

3rd step: Sanding the back side of your body kit. Using your power tool and 80 grit sand off about 3-4 inch towards the bodykit. Main focus is to make the tips thinner so when you add the fiber glass & body filler it can sit flush. A great tip is to hold in your body kits with screws that you can remove easily and test fit it over and over again till you get a better connection to the body. 

4th step: Glueing on the kit. Sand (80grit) surface where the glue is going to touch. Using the 3M glue listed above glue and screw on the body kit. 

5th step: Fiber glassing the kit. Sand (80grit) both surface that is going to touch the fiber glass. Using 2"x4" strips and the resin (mixed with harder) lay them 50-60% overlapping each other and connect both kits together. Do not use too much because you are making the point where the bodykit is touching thicker. 

6th step: Body filler. Sand fiber glass and resin 80 grit. Properly mixed body filler. Use the spreader and on body filler. 

7th: Sanding it off. 80 grit. Repeat step 6 on a need basic. Sand off high areas. Fill in too low area with body filler. Sand with 80 grit. 

8th: Switch to 220 grit.

9th: Checking. Spray sandable primer on whole job. You can see where the high and low points are. Fix if need (most likely you are going to need to) depending you can start back at 80 grit and go back to 220 grit. 

9th Prepare the car for paint. 1000 grit ++ sanding block. 

10th- paint or wrap 

11th IG fameeeeeeee and or stanccccccee video.

You are done.


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