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GTCHANNEL CAR.VIDEO.NETWORK http://www.youtube.com/user/gtchannel is a community of Youtube channels bound together by a passion for all things automotive.


GTChannel aspires to be the center of automotive entertainment across the entire digital video supply chain, whether through the web, television, mobile, or connected devices.  GTChannel and our growing number of automotive content creators and partners are building a community with resources, tools for success, and for the enjoyment of our audience, wherever they may be. 

As auto content creators ourselves, we understand the needs and requirements of our partners.  It was this lack of attention for GTChannel from other networks that solidified the need for a targeted automotive network.  This is the origin of our company.

Our community focus is customized and individual.  Each of our partners needs help in different ways, and we intend to provide that support.  GTChannel is a media/technology company.  We are building an advanced online platform to provide automated and effective tools to assist in activation, payments and accounting, digital distribution across any outlet, revenue generation and monetization. We understand the limited resources our partners have to grow their channels, distribution, and audience; and these are the problems we look to solve.

GTChannel was formed in 2010 with a focus on automotive digital video distribution.  After building our own channel and identifying the limited help and understanding of our automotive market, we pivoted and launched our YouTube Multi-Channel Network in early 2013.

GTChannel is now the only automotive centric MCN on YouTube.  The massive growth and popularity of our community is a testament to the need for this catered service offering. Our car enthusiast partners now have a home and foundation to build their channels, content, and brands into successful media businesses.  For the audience, we all share the energy and passion to push the envelope on content creation, bringing the best and most relevant automotive content to the world.

GTChannel is located in Los Angeles and everywhere digital. 

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GTChannel also provides solutions for brands and content owners on Youtube.  We have experience in growing brand audience and protecting IP on Youtube.  





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GTChannel is a Youtube Certified company.

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