5 Reasons Why Gran Turismo 7 Won’t Be A PS5 Launch Title And 4 Reasons Why It Might Be

Andrew Beckford from Motorworld Hype weighs in on the release of Sony's Gran Turismo 7 release.

In all the excitement of Gran Turismo 7’s (GT7) reveal in June, there has been some confusion.Many people seem to think that because GT7 was announced during that event, it will be available on day one of the PS5’s launch.

Unfortunately, I think there is some pretty strong evidence to the contrary. However, there is also some evidence that may support that theory. I’m going to go over 5 reasons why I think GT7 won’t be a launch title for PS5 and 4 reasons why it might be.

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first and start with the 5 reasons why I think Gran Turismo 7 will not be a PS5 launch title.

1. No date was provided in the announcement video.

Admittedly this is an obvious one but at no point during the reveal trailer was a date provided. Not even a vague date was provided. There was no “Holiday 2020” or “Summer 2021” tag at the end of the trailer. Just an ending! To me this seems to be a very strong indicator that GT7 still has a long way to go before it’s finished.

2. Kazunori “Kaz” Yamauchi will not rush a Gran Turismo game.

Hardcore Gran Turismo fans will remember agonizingly-long five year wait for Gran Turismo 5. There were many reasons why GT5 took so long but one of the most talked about is Yamauchi-san’s rumored perfectionism. He has very high standards as such he tends to take his time when making Gran Turismo games.

3. Gran Turismo Sport is still being supported.

As big as the Polyphony Digital team is, they still have limited resources. It would be very difficult for them to juggle developing GT7 for a new console while also continuing to maintain and create new content for Gran Turismo Sport. There is also the fact that GT Sport is one of the biggest eSports racing games in the world right now. Keeping that up while trying to build a new game isn’t ideal.

4. No steering wheel peripherals have been announced for PS5.

This one is a bit of a stretch but I highly doubt that Kaz would want to release a Gran Turismo game when traditional-style controllers are the only option for gamers. As with Gran Turismo Sport, GT7 will likely have a significant portion of it dedicated to eSports racing. That means a proper steering wheel peripheral from the likes of Logitec, Fanatec, or Thrustmaster is key. To date, none of those companies have announced plans for a PS5 wheel.

5. No Gran Turismo game has ever been a launch title for a PlayStation console.

If you aren’t buying any of the previous four reasons I’ve already listed, then let’s look to history as a guide. So far, there has never been a Gran Turismo game available on day one of a PlayStation console launch. I think it safe to say that is no coincidence.

Alright, now that all the doom and gloom is out of the way. I’ll go over four reasons why GT7 might be a PS5 launch title after all.

1. Gran Turismo games sell consoles.

There are certain game franchises that are so popular and have so much hype that gamers will invest in a console just to get that game. Gran Turismo is one of those franchises. Confirming that GT7 will be available on day one would definitely boost initial PS5 console sales significantly.

2. Polyphony Digital has been working on GT7 for a while.

In the first segment of this article I mentioned that Kaz likes to take his time making Gran Turismo games. However, it is highly possible that the Polyphony Digital team has already been working on GT7 for a long time. This is strongly suggested by the sheer amount of gameplay shown during the reveal. This bodes well for a release date that is sooner rather than later.

3. Beating the next Forza Motorsport game to market could be a bonus.

In the time it took to develop Gran Turismo 5 and GT Sport, franchise rival Forza Motorsport was able to catch up and possibly take some market share away. If GT7 can launch before the next Forza game does, impatient Forza fans may jump ship and migrate to Gran Turismo. It’s an unlikely scenario but not impossible.

4. There are more announcements to come.

Sony has already stated that the PS5 livestream event on June 11th would not be a one-off event. There is at least one, if not several more official reveal videos coming before the PS5’s rumored November release date. There is still a lot of information on the table, including the PS5’s price. So, there is a very good chance that during one of these future events, GT7 could be confirmed as a launch game.

What do you think? Will GT7 be available on day one? Or are we still years away from it's release?