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We visited T1 Race Development in Rockwall Texas to talk to Tony Palo, the man behind the 2000HP GT-R that is crushing records left to right. What is the secret behind his build? What is it about the GT-R that makes this possible? Make sure to check it out!

This is a teaser for Texas Godzilla GT-R - T1 Race Development. Motorhead Magazine from Japan and GTChannel have collaborated on this project to bring you this video. The full length main video will go live on the @japanmotorhead YouTube channel on March 25th. https://www.youtube.com/user/japanmotorhead

The magazine Motorhead Vol.19 will go on sale on 3/25 USA time. A full feature of this T1 Race Development GT-R will be included in the issue.


Produced by Motorhead/GTChannel
Directed by Taro Koki
Shot and Edited by Tommy Babiarz
Special Thanks to Tony Palo & Stuart Leiby T1 Race Development
Music "Straw Hat" by David Kopatz

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